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Online since 2017 on the table since 1991

Welcome to Colour of War, a wargaming hobby and painting blog started in 2017 to share my near 30 years of hobby passion.

I started wargaming in the early '90s at the tail end of rogue trader but in earnest with 40k second edition. I have built, painted and played models from every Games Workshop system and have many fond memories (the joy of opening the 2nd edition 40k box on release and seeing the beautiful models will always stay with me). 

I take part in other systems, Corvus Belli's Infinity and Aristeia! for my sci-fi skirmish fun, Hordes & Warmachine as well as Bolt Action for historical fun.

I paint to a good tabletop standard and continually look to improve my painting ability and painting speed and frequent a number of blogs, forums like DakkaDakka and social media to be inspired by other hobbyists - rarely a day goes by without something wowing me.

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